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Use our expert instructors to gain real life, tangible learning outcomes for you and your team.

Team Bonding

Take your team out of the office for a day of adventure and enjoy the great outdoors together.

About Us

Since launching in November 2012 we have gone from strength to strength. Find out more here.

Ultimate Team Building Academy

Ultimate Team Building from the Bear Grylls Survival Academy is all about experiential learning, personal development and effective team work in real life challenging situations. No imaginary chasms, no oil drums in the car park-just real life adventure.

Developed and run by Bear’s personal team of experts, our events can be run in any suitable location with options for any budget.

Half day, full day, overnight, 24 hours plus, hotels, campsites, private estates, rope skills, Land Rovers, boats, RIB’s, helicopters- we can make it happen.

Grit Factor 1

This is our starter package and can be run anywhere with space the size of a football pitch or more, but the more exciting the terrain the better! Learn the lessons of some of the greatest explorers of all time and complete challenges such as the Land Rover Pull, Boat Crash Scenario and Improvised Stretcher Race.

Grit Factor 2

This is where we start to up the ante! Based around a similar layout to Grit Factor 1, you will really feel the intensity turn up a notch with the challenges becoming faster paced and physical. You will also take part in some rope work and take on the Tyrolean Traverse and the Regain challenge.

Grit Factor 3

These are our most extreme packages possible, with each course being tailor made to fit your needs and budget. We are experts in the use of Helicopters, RIBs, ATV’s and anything else that you can think of to spice up your event! High ropes play a key part in these too, with front facing abseiling/rappelling a firm favourite along with a Tyrolean Traverse…..150ft in the air. Contact us today to discuss what we can do for you.

Learn potentially life-saving survival skills, including fire light, shelter building and navigation.

Events can be held in locations to suit you from hotel grounds, private estates and national parks.

Learn how to communicate effectively when under pressure.

We have events suitable for all levels of fitness and all of our instructors are first aid trained.

Take part in the BSGA gross eat challenge, would you have what it takes to survive?

All you will need is some suitable outdoor clothes and footwear- all specialist equipment will be provided.

Team Bonding

All of our team building events are designed to be run in as many different locations as possible- Extreme environments, sports clubs, hotel ground and more. These events are designed around a variety of Bear’s expeditions, from crossing the North Atlantic to jet skiing around the UK, and are brought to life by our expert instructors, fast dynamic activity and a variety of exciting equipment.

At the Bear Grylls Survival Academy we believe that true adventure can bring the best out of your team. Taking everybody out of their comfort zone really brings out the true character of the individual, and it is only once you have seen these traits that you can truly judge a person. There is no better place to see what your team is made of that in an extreme environment, whether that is hanging from a rope 150ft above the ground, going 50 knots on a RIB or doing a night navigation exercise on Dartmoor.

Team Building

At the Bear Grylls Survival Academy we are able to use the expertise of our instructors to bring your team together and overcome and obstacles or issues that you may have. Our lead instructors have worked around the world in some of the most challenging environments imaginable, and bring all of this to your team to allow you to gel and work more efficiently as a team. We believe that being in the great outdoors in real life adventurous scenarios is one of the best ways to do this.

We are able to tailor make any package to suit your team and your needs and have a wealth of experience in helping new teams bond, overcoming specific issues, leadership and management training and enhancing communication to name just a selection.

Our Instructors

Scott Heffield is the lead instructor at BGSA, his experience as a leader and motivator is well proven following operational active service, training and operating in extreme environments such as the Jungle, Desert, Arctic and Antarctic. Scott works with the Bear Grylls team, assisting as a rope safety expert, survival expert, adventurous activity coordinator or specialist logistics coordinator on shows such as Born Survivor, Wild Weekends, Running Wild, Get Out Alive and Britain’s biggest adventures. More recently Scott has featured alongside Bear on ITV’s Mission Survive and the Bear Grylls Survival School series.

All of our instructors come from a variety of backgrounds including military servicemen, outdoor activity providers, mountaineers, management & leadership speakers and many more – you are sure to be in safe hands with the experts we have at the Academy!

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